May 3 2013.

The Scheibner MegaMAX is a motorcycle frame measuring system that could be used to reduce the number of motorcycle write-offs, generating more repairs, so that more riders get their damaged motorcycles fixed, says Stafford-based equipment supplier Tri-Sphere.

At a time when money is tight, the Scheibner MegaMAX quickly determines the economic viability of repairing any crash-damaged bike - without first having to strip it down. That means fewer write-offs, better value for riders and more repairs because the amount of work required can be more easily estimated and agreed by the insurer.

What's more, a certificate can be generated that can be used to demonstrate the integrity of a frame, whether as part of a pre-sale inspection on a used motorcycle, or to give peace of mind following a major repair, says Tri-Sphere.

Once mounted and secured to the damaged bike at the swing arm - on almost any make of bike - the MegaMAX makes use of two cameras in fixed positions and a laser that's used to calculate the angle of misalignment at front and rear.

Data is downloaded to a laptop, where the on-screen display provides a visual appraisal of the extent of the damage in relation to the original specification.

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