May 8 2013.

Mike Weatherley, the Member of Parliament for Hove in East Sussex, is one of a growing number of MPs promoting the benefits of motorcycling.

Having held a motorcycle licence for many years, Mike has recently bought a Kawasaki ER-6f, the second Kawasaki that he has owned since embarking on his passion for motorcycles at 16.
A member of the All-Party Motorcycle Group in the House of Commons - a body which seeks to promote the benefits of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds - and MAG (the Motorcycle Action Group), Mike understands the practical virtues of motorcycling as well as its undoubted fun factor.

"Naturally riding my Kawasaki does give me a valuable perspective on the ecological and time saving advantages of two-wheels amongst the road congestion that all of us have to endure from time to time.

"Along with my colleagues in the House of Commons who are keen motorcyclists, we would obviously like to see yet more integration of powered two-wheelers into the government's future transport policies. After all, they take up less road space, can park for free in many towns and cities and are less likely to sit stationary using precious fuel in traffic jams.

"I am pleased that Brighton and Hove Council has also embraced the advantages and opened up some bus lanes to motorbikes and put in place improved secure parking for motorbikes in the city centre."
With several thousand miles under the wheels of his 650cc Kawasaki, the 55 year old politician, who lists a life-long interest in rock music as one of his other passions, is keen to sample the delights of touring on two wheels sooner rather than later.

"My local dealer is Alf's Motorcycles in Worthing and I've recently had a test ride on a Z1000SX as a possible future replacement for my current machine. Now that the better weather is here the idea of a relaxing trip to Cornwall for a few days on my bike is now beckoning!"