May 10 2013.

The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) has been around for nearly half a century. In that time, it has defended motorcycling against countless reputational, legislative and safety threats. Bikers aren't public enemy number-one anymore, but there is much still to fight for.

"It was on the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend in May 1964 that hundreds of mods and rockers descended on Brighton and proceeded to wreak havoc, hurling deckchairs and abuse at one another. The tabloid press coverage was hysterical. A high proportion of the perpetrators wore leather and rode motorcycles, noted hawkeyed hacks. It was terrible PR for two-wheelers, and public perception of motorcyclists hit an all-time low. There was an urgent need to redress the balance.

"Within a year, the BMF had been set up - with a determination to defend riders' rights and repair damage done by the hooligan minority ..."

David Bradford speaks to the BMF's Chris Hodder about the Federation's history and latest campaigns and you can read the interview in the May issue of Motorcycle Trader in hard copy or online bu clicking HERE.