May 20 2013.

The official tyre partner to the Isle of Man TT (IOMTT), Dunlop, celebrates its 125th birthday this year and is set to build on its unequalled track record at one of the most challenging race events in the motorsport calendar.

Around 70 competitors will be riding on Dunlop tyres in the Supersport, Superstock and Superbike categories at the Isle of Man TT at the end of this month, as well as at the North West 200 Superbike series this past week. Riders include the legendary John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop, Michael Rutter, William Dunlop, Ian Lougher, Simon Fulton, Brian McCormack, David Haire, Cameron Donald, Connor Cummins and Simon Andrews to name just a few.

Commenting on the unique and historic TT, Mark Sears, Dunlop motorcycle product support manager, says: "This year will be our biggest year yet. We'll be taking around 1500 tyres on two 40 foot trucks, with dedicated support teams for our riders.

"This event is like nothing else for us or our riders. It demands incredible levels of skill, concentration, bravery and pure raw talent from competitors and for us, we have to be able to give these riders absolute faith in those two contact patches of rubber keeping them on the road."

This year saw the official launch of Dunlop's Sportmax D212 GP Pro, after John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey and Michael Dunlop were victorious on the tyre in the TT 2012 Superstock, Supersport race 1 and Supersport race 2 respectively.

The new tyre continued to collect accolades at last weekend's North West 200, with Michael Dunlop taking his second ever win in the North West's 200 Supersport race, and Bruce Anstey and Lee Johnston finishing in second and third to round off an all Dunlop podium.

Sears continues: "The D212 GP Pro is a proven race tyre, which benefits from our Multi-Tread (MT) and Jointless Tread (JLT) technologies and advanced NTEC system."

MT technology improves braking, traction and stability and provides great cornering grip. Jointless Tread strip-winding technology means multiple compounds can be precisely positioned on the tyre to achieve better durability, wear resistance, grip from the tread centre to shoulder and high-speed tyre stability.

The innovative NTEC system lets riders lower tyre pressures to achieve ultimate grip on the track.

Sears adds: "The real beauty of these technologies combined is that they allow the rider to choose between different compounds, tailoring the tyres' performance to their needs. On a mountain course like the TT, where top speeds can reach 200mph, these significant steps forward in development can transform performance."

Speaking at last year's TT, John McGuinness, who has claimed 19 victories since 1999, said: "Apart from brake pads - tyres are the most important component. Such a small contact patch means you need a high level of confidence in the tyres.

"Races are won and lost by tenths of a second so the constant innovation is vital."

Dunlop also launched the KR106 and KR108 this year, premium winning race tyres for professional, amateur and track day riders, which also benefit from the advanced technologies of the D212 GP Pro tyre.

Dunlop Brand Manager, Andy Marfleet, concludes: "Our innovation is unrelenting - we are celebrating 125 years at the forefront of our industry but our focus is very much on the future. These tyres are a great example of this commitment - already clocking up victories at IDM Supersport Championship, Australian Supersport, Alpe Adria Superstock and the Southern 100.

"When you see what these riders put themselves and their machines through at races, our commitment to their performance has to be absolute a hundred per cent of the time."