June 14 2013.

Digitek-Moto has launched a new range of alarms comprising G-Line Pro, G-Line DIY and G-Link PIR Garage.

G-Line Pro is a fully insurance-approved Thatcham Cat 1 system and is also the first to conform to the police preferred specification; Secure by Design. Small and compact, with waterproof remotes and simple features make this a fuss-free Cat 1. There is no dealer software setting up or pin codes to remember as it uses a touch key to override the alarm in case of a lost remote. The movement sensor is self-adjusting to suit any motorcycle and it promises to be a highly-effective, but simple-to-operate, alarm.

The G-Line DIY operates the same system as the Pro but is a self-fit, direct-to-battery, two-wire installation. It is small and compact with waterproof remotes offering high protection and quality at a cost-effective price.

G-link PIR Garage and G-Link can, in less than five minutes, wirelessly link to both Pro and DIY offering garage/shed protection via a PIR field. Any unauthorised entry will trigger the alarm thereby protecting any expensive garage or shed contents. The G-Link can be activated and disarmed via the motorcycle alarm which is completely portable.

Recommended retail prices;
Pro - £199.00 plus fitting
DIY - £79.99
G-link PIR - £59.99

Digitek-Moto is currently looking for dealers and offers generous dealer margins. Call 01132 467230 or email