June 20 2013.

The second Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) initiative, held between the 13th and 16th June 2013, to introduce novice riders to the discipline of off-road riding proved to be a resounding success with 400 new off-road converts sharing their enthusiasm on social media platforms.

The Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE), organised by members of the MCIA's off-road group saw the major manufacturers pulling together to provide people with the opportunity of trying off-road riding for the first time. The four-day long 'Experience' attracted people from 38 different counties plus London. Some were road riders, but quite a few had never been on a bike before. Despite this, most managed to progress to a full motocross trail by the end of each session with the help of expert trainers, including three-time World Champion Dave Thorpe.

Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha provided bikes, kit and trainers for a heavily subsidised fee of just £15. The AMCA ran the trackside element of the event, with overall project management and communication provided by the MCIA. Other off-road organisations such as the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) were in attendance to provide a comprehensive induction into the many facets of off-road.

The weather was windy but mostly dry and with so many eager wannabe off-roaders turning up early for sessions, it was easier for the organisers to bring the start time forward when rain threatened on one of the days.

The MCIA contact centre managed the registration and booking process and is in the process of surveying all participants to see how they will be pursuing their interest in off-road riding. 93 per cent agreed to be contacted by manufacturers and trainers post-event.

Howard Dale, General Manager of Kawasaki and Chair of the MCIA's Off-Road Group said the response was incredibly positive; "I've never seen so many happy faces in one place. People were buzzing after their first taste of off-road riding. It was the same among all those involved in running the event too. This level of co-operation within the industry is unprecedented, and the 'feel-good factor' for everyone involved over the past four days has gone off the scale and importantly, many of those who attended are determined to pursue further training, or buy a bike!".