July 4 2013.

A legendary team of daredevil army riders have thanked Bridgestone for a new sponsorship in style - by propelling the company's petrified business development manager through a 6ft ring of fire!

If the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team (RSMDT) were happy with Bridgestone's decision to supply tyres for its fleet of 50 stunt bikes then they had a funny way of showing Steve Watts, who was soon suspended in mid-air with only a circle of flames for company.

Steve became an honorary member of the 'White Helmets' after agreeing to the partnership, which will elevate the tyre manufacturer's presence to an even wider audience.

The White Helmets, who represent the British Army and the Royal Corps of Signals, are recognised by many commentators as the most historic and accomplished motorcycle display team in the world.

Steve said: "I thought a thank-you might have been in order after we put pen to paper, but before I knew it I was 6ft in the air, holding my breath!

"It was an amazing experience and something I certainly wasn't expecting. We first came in contact with the White Helmets at last year's Bike Show at the NEC.

"We have kept in touch ever since and when the time was right, we were keen to show our support by supplying tyres for their classic Triumphs and the more modern Kawasaki machines.

"The White Helmets have maintained their popularity over the 81 years of their life and regularly perform to 600,000 to 1,000,000 people over the course of a display season, not including TV audiences.

"To boast our branding alongside them is a massive coup for us and we're delighted to strike up this relationship."

Captain Alex McPhun said: "We receive no funding from the MOD with the exception of the standard pay and allowances of the team members. The riders receive no specialist pay for carrying out these duties.

"With this in mind, it is hugely important to gain the backing of different brands and businesses. They don't get any bigger than Bridgestone and once Steve's pulse has settled down, we will look forward to working closely to get the most out of our relationship."

Sergeant Stevie Marshall said that Steve was a good sport for strapping himself in for a ride with the White Helmets, where he also formed the peak of a 'pyramid' routine.

"We didn't know if Steve would accept our challenge but he was a natural. If we're a man short for our next routine, we might just give him a call!"

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