July 10 2013.

KTM UK has announced that it has joined the fight against crime and taken the step to protect its off-road customers by signing up to the MASTER Security Scheme.

Theft is a major concern for the off-road sector and accounts for a significant proportion of the 26,000 machines being stolen each year, many of which are never recovered.

To help tackle the problem the motorcycle industry came together in 2012 to launch the Official MASTER Security Scheme; the first ever official industry wide security marking scheme.

The scheme uses state-of-the-art Datatag marking technology and was developed in close collaboration with the Police, Home Office and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers). The benefit is that as all parts are readily identifiable, criminals cannot break bikes down into component parts to rebuild and sell on.

Fresh from releasing its 2014 range of SX Motocross and EXC Enduro models, KTM will fit all off-road models in its range, including children's bikes, as standard from July 1st*.

Datatag managing director, Kevin Howells, said: 'We are delighted that KTM has signed up to fit the official MASTER Security Scheme. To protect its off-road range including their smaller bikes, an industry first, is a clear sign that KTM are serious about protecting their customer's assets. We are passionate about stopping theft in Motocross and Enduro and are confident that with brands adopting the MASTER scheme and the race organisations backing us we will see a reduction.'

Shaun Sisterson, managing director of KTM UK, said: 'For KTM, customer relationships are paramount. What better way can we demonstrate this than by fitting the MASTER Scheme and registering on the DVLA Off Road Register our machines most at risk of theft? In this way we help ensure our customers remain our customers and can enjoy their KTM's without the worry of theft hanging over them. Furthermore our customers can buy and sell used KTM's with more confidence because each motorcycle will automatically get a V5c registration document from the DVLA when it is added to the Off Road Register.'

With machines from July 1 2013 arriving ready safeguarded by the MASTER Scheme, owners of existing KTMs across the UK can still protect their bikes by retro-fitting a Datatag Motorcycle Security Kit, priced at £89.99 and available through their local KTM dealers.

The Official MASTER Security Scheme, powered by proven Datatag technology, comes with:
• 'UV' etching technology for 'stealth' permanent marking
• Unique electronic transponder combination

• Datadot microscopic identification system

• Warning decal, designed to complement today's machines

• And is Thatcham TQA and Secured by Design approved (the Police preferred specification)

*Any 2014 model purchased before this date can have the Datatag kit fitted free of charge by taking it to their supplying dealer.