July 17 2013.

Laser Tools, the automotive specialist tool supplier has just released its 2013 catalogue with listings for more specialist tools, more motorcycle tools, heavy duty tools for commercial vehicles and even more engine timing tools. In fact there are over 500 new lines introduced since the last catalogue.

Laser Tools is constantly adding to its comprehensive range and aim to bring new tools to the market first, ready for the next wave of vehicles that will be requiring cam belt or timing chain replacement.

Modern bikes often require specialist tools for even standard service procedures and it is often impossible to complete a job without access to these specialist tools. The Laser range includes bush removal tools for suspension joints, deep seated spark plug tools, brake piston rewind tools and of course the famous range of engine timing tools.

Of course the comprehensive Laser range encompasses a huge range of general hand tools and the new catalogue is fully illustrated and includes an OEM tool code comparison list at the rear of the catalogue.

And the really good news is that this 544 page catalogue is yours for the asking.

Call 01926 818196 or go to the website at to order your 2013 Laser Tools catalogue free of charge.