August 6 2013.

Described as the most important and exclusive app for motorcyclists. Why? Because the Realrider app detects if you've had a crash and contacts the Ambulance Service with your last known location and medical details!

Realrider is loaded with safety tools, route tracking and hazard reporting - it keeps you connected on the move. All for £4.99.

With over 10,000 users on board, becoming a Realrider App retailer right now has many benefits:

· The opportunity to introduce your customers to the most important safety app they could ever own

· Helps your customers discover and share, routes, points of interest and hazards

· Promotes your business and products to a growing community of bikers

· Provides highly desirable and bespoke point of sale materials

· A dealer specific 'codes for cash' system that is easy to top up

· Access to a dedicated team to help with questions

· Your dealership contact details plotted on the Realrider map 

Realrider will deliver a 100 App pack including:

· 1 x bespoke plastic dispenser

· 1 x printed dispenser insert

· 100 x promotional wristbands

· 100 app dealer-specific codes printed onto customer cards

· 2 x promotional posters

Contact Realrider for high-profit pack pricing details.

To find out how to become a Realrider app retailer now, contact:

Steve Sumner, sales director, Realrider 

Office: 0191 276 6831
Mobile: 07831 556425