August 13 2013.

Realrider is the must have app for motorcyclists that automatically detects if you've had a crash and contacts the Ambulance Service with your last known location and medical details. It is a safety net for bikers and as essential as pulling on your helmet before every ride. It is also a profit, promotional and advertising opportunity for switched on dealers.

Launched in February 2013, Realrider has more than 11,500 registered users on its website, so it has clearly been accepted by bikers. Director Jason McClean said: "Riders get what Realrider is all about and are downloading at the rate of more than 40 per day on average. They love the route tracking (REALroutes) and sharing, the safety element (REALsafe) and the fantastic offers (REALbenefit) that come from our partners. It is an easy sell as it is a disposable income purchase and the benefits are clear."

The easy sell is at £4.99 per app for a potentially life-saving product. Dealers are offered a 30% margin on every unit. The minimum order quantity is 100 units @ £320+VAT and it comes with a countertop display unit complete with cards, free to distribute wristbands and posters.

Smart dealers and distributors are already using Realrider as a promotional tool to incentivise sales, allowing them to keep margin in helmet, leathers and bike sales by offering Realrider free with every sale. At £3.20 it is a low cost incentive with a high value perception.

Available for Apple and Android devices, anyone with a smartphone can use REALRIDER which is deliberately programmed not to record speed. An early adopter is Triumph North East. Director David Hall said: "I think Realrider is a fantastic safety tool that all riders should use. It's like having a guardian angel on your shoulder and a real benefit to our customers. Let's hope they never need it."

And Realrider also offers dealers, manufacturers and importers another route to market via advertising to its user base. REALbenefit allows industry members to market to more than 11,500 active bikers via inbox, e-shot, in-app banner and website banners. The average open rate for e-communications is a staggering 48.7%, with a 7.2% click through rate.

McClean said: "With brands like Michelin, RAC, IAM, Scottoiler, Helite, ONIT, Bikesure and GBRacing already using the system, advertisers are reaping the rewards of an active and targeted audience. GBRacing was looking for a 2012 Fireblade for development work and after six weeks of trying through other media came to REALRIDER for help. We delivered within four hours of the post going live. The system really works."

To find out how to become a Realrider app retailer now, contact:

Steve Sumner, Sales Director, REALRIDER
Office: 0191 276 6831
Mobile: 07831 556425