August 16 2013

R&G has released a new range of extra-tough radiator guards designed for today's current range of adventure bikes.

Made from stainless steel, a material several times stronger than aluminium, the guards provide maximum protection for a bike's fragile radiators against everyday debris, such as rocks and stones.

Damaged radiators are a significant concern for the increasing number of riders keen to explore the adventure side of their dual-purpose machines. A single stray stone can easily punch a hole in an unprotected radiator, potentially leaving a bike immobile and its rider stranded. Recognising this risk, the world leader in motorcycle damage protection has complemented its existing lightweight pressed aluminium Radiator Guardswith a more rugged range of R&G Stainless Steel Radiator Guards.

Manufactured from 1mm-thick stainless steel sheet, each guard is laser-cut and CNC finished. The smart, precise design maximises airflow into the radiator, ensuring the guard has no detrimental effect on cooling. In addition, the stainless steel construction is completely resistant to rust - another huge concern for adventure riders tackling mixed terrain.

No modification to the bike is required. All radiator guards can be fitted simply and swiftly, either using the bike's existing mounting bolts, or with cable ties.

The R&G Stainless Steel Radiator Guard is available from just £74.99, with fitments to suit an extensive range of popular European adventure bikes, including BMW's new water-cooled R1200GS.

Contact R&G on +44 1420 89007 or visit www.rg-racing.com