August 20 2013.

Michelin has launched the new 'B' version of its popular Pilot Road 3 sport touring tyre designed specifically for large touring bikes including the BMW K1600GT.

Using the same ground-breaking siped tread pattern as the original tyre, this new version features a redesigned casing to aid stability when these bikes are fully-laden with luggage and a pillion.

The Pilot Road 3 has become the benchmark sport touring tyre for riders wanting to ride year-round in all weathers due to its patented X-Sipe technology. This features a combination of sipes and wells in the tread pattern which cut through the surface film of water, and aid water dispersion, to offer grip levels similar to that of a dry road.

The tyre also uses the latest version of Michelin's Two-Compound Technology (2CT) which helps the Pilot Road 3 offer excellent tyre life due to its more wear-resistant centre tread rubber compound and softer shoulder areas, which improve grip in corners.

The Pilot Road 3 was designed using Michelin's Total Performance concept. This means that like all the company's tyres, it offers high levels of performance in all areas, such as safety, longevity, dry grip and wet grip, without compromising in any others.

The new 'B' version of the tyre is available now in 190/55 ZR 17 size and is suitable for use on other large touring bikes including the Triumph Trophy 1200.