August 27 2013.

Keeping an automatic scooter's transmission running at its best means fitting high quality drive belts and rollers and keeping on top of maintenance. VE (UK) stock the largest selection of belts and rollers that are not only high quality, but also economical on price.

VE (UK) list a wide range of belts to cover every capacity of automatic scooter from 50cc to 850cc in both standard and performance varieties. The standard Ventico belt range is designed to complement a standard scooter's transmission perfectly, whilst performance belts from Malossi, Athena, Polini and Ventico are manufactured from varying combinations of rubber, Kevlar and other composite materials that are designed to be more suited to an upgraded scooter.

No transmission product range would be complete without a range of transmission rollers that are available not only in every commonly used size, but also a variety of weights allowing fine tuning of the power band on a performance scooter. For instance, Malossi rollers are available in 22 different sizes covering virtually every transmission currently available. Included in each size fitment are up to 24 different weights available, (dependant on size), catering for all levels of tuning from standard through to full race use.

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