August 29 2013.

The September edition of Motorcycle Trader is now available to view online, and the hard-copy issue will be landing from tomorrow.

This month, David Bradford interviews David Main and Nigel Rothband, the BEN charity's chief executive and chief operating officer. Most in the trade will have heard of BEN, and may know that it offers support to people in the automotive industry who are facing financial and personal hardship. But exactly what help is offered, who's eligible, and where do the funds come from?

"Few of us need reminding that the past few years have been tough for businesses in the automotive industry, particularly those in the two-wheel sector. For many, balancing the books has been a daily struggle, and for an unlucky minority, additional unforeseen problems such as illnesses and accidents have wreaked critical financial instability. A potential lifeline for these people is the support of BEN, the automotive industry charity, in the form of direct financial help and advice. Here, Trader quizzes the charity's leaders about the support BEN provides and how it raises the funds to do so, as well as its position on how the automotive industry has been particularly hard-hit by the UK's economic, austerity-squeezed trading conditions.

"To whom, and with what kinds of problem, does BEN offer support?
Nigel Rothband: [BEN helps] automotive people facing issues of hardship and distress by providing advice, guidance and financial assistance that actively addresses distressing situations. However, times are still tough and we are aware there are many more of our automotive colleagues struggling with issues such as long-term or terminal illness, money or relationship worries, stress and bereavement."

To find out more, look out for Trader landing on your doormat or turn to pages 30 to 33 of the current issue HERE.