August 30 2013.

The Englishman in China, David McMullan, has an invitation for members of the UK's motorcycle trade who are interested in attending the Chinese motorcycle industry CIMAMotor Expo.

"I am currently allocating VIP service passes for the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAMotor), writes David McMullan. The CIMAmotor is held in October in Chongqing city, China - the biggest motorcycle-producing city in the world, representing 80 per cent of the Chinese motorcycle and spares industry. CIMAmotor is the world's largest commuter motorcycle trade expo.

"The VIP package includes free hotel accommodation, personal assistant, show tickets, welcome banquet, tourism tours, motocross riding and many more events. We can also organise factory and spare parts market visits for you ....."

For more information, turn to page 25 of the September issue of Motorcycle Trader - landing from today - or visit the CIMAMotor page on the website