August 30 2013.

It's hardly a secret that cycling is currently ultra-popular and the industry as a whole is on something of a straight upward path. The great thing about the cycle sector is that there are no barriers, indeed the government and local authorities are falling over themselves to champion the benefits of it as a true sports and leisure pastime, with financial, health and commuting properties too.

A number of motorcycle trade distributors also have a cycle goods division, and a small number are willing to share their cycling portfolio with their motorcycling trade customers. In the September issue of Motorcycle Trader, we highlight three such proactive distributors who are eager to help you offer something a little different to your customers, namely, Bike It, Bike Tyrestore (Rubena bicycle tyres) and Oxford Products.

Bike It's first foray into the cycle industry came with the release of its UTAG product, the USB storage device that captures and provides access to essential medical and personal details in an emergency. Now with its initial cycle range ready, Bike It has produced its first cycle trade catalogue, which is enclosed with the September issue of Motorcycle Trader - landing from today.

If you'd like to receive a free hard-copy of Motorcycle Trader and the Bike It cycle catalogue, call 01273 616040 or email office@redcat.co.uk with your company details.