September 4 2013.

R&G believes that even entry-level bikes deserve high levels of attention, which is why the British company has developed two separate Tail Tidies for the new Honda 500s range to radically improve the design as well offer a wide array of its world-leading damage protection products.

With the CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X predominantly attracting young riders, they're as keen to improve their bikes' styling as anyone. R&G's Tail Tidy range has become the established way to reduce rear-end clutter and drastically sharpen the design of the bike.

There are two types offered by R&G across all three bikes; the first offering is the most simple to fit and is created from injection-moulded polymers from the British firm's own design mould. This comes with an LED licence plate light, and it can be fitted with original indicators or R&G's own Micro Indicators.

The second offering requires cutting off and removing an unused part of the steel subframe, in order to create a much sleeker back end. This Tail Tidy is made from injection-moulded polymers and sports an aluminium rear hanger portion.

True to form, R&G acted quickly to produce a full range of its leading damage protection products for these bikes. Starting from as little as £12.99, many of these items can be fitted in minutes, without specialist tools and can save a rider hundreds of pounds in the event of a drop or spill.

Leading with Aero Crash Protectors; these clever 'bungs' guard the main frame sections and engine, helping to reduce significant damage, particularly if the bike is sliding.

For even more reassurance, R&G's Engine Case Covers (all models) and Engine Case Sliders (not CBR500R) fit quickly and easily on top of the existing covers of Honda's new twin-cylinder engine without the need to drain any of the bike's fluids to guard against impacts - as well adding some racetrack style.

Protecting the three bikes from potentially expensive damage from day-to-day riding, such as from stones and other road debris, is the option of the Shocktube® £25.49 that wraps neatly around the rear shock absorber and R&G's Radiator Guard and Downpipe Grille (the latter for CBR500R only) to guard the cooling system.

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