September 5 2013.

An eight-man automotive financial services team took on the challenge of a lifetime by hiking up the giant Mount Toubkal, Morocco in aid of BEN, the dedicated automotive industry charity. At 13,671 ft, Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa and, taking three days to hike up and down, is a massive endurance test in every sense of the word.

'We had to cope with dehydration, headaches, loss of appetite and altitude sickness during the two-day hike to the summit,' said Richard Hoggart of DSG Financial Services. 'By the time we reached the top a temperature drop of 30 degrees made it decidedly chilly but it was worth it for utterly awesome views and the sense of achievement, both personal and on behalf of the charity.'

Mission accomplished, the team enjoyed a gourmet picnic followed by a night out in Marrakesh.

'Many thanks to the team from the financial services sector, this will enable us to extend the level of support we can offer people who work or have worked in the industry,' said Nigel Williams, BEN's commercial manager, who continues: 'It also reminds us that the scope of BEN's support extends beyond the traditional automotive sector and equally applies to other sectors such as financial services.'