September 5 2013.

It's no secret that the government wants to reduce the workload on the court and tribunal system and a series of changes have been either mooted or implemented.

Uncontested claims for compensation for "slips and trips" and other injuries at work or in a public place will now be handled by a simpler and faster legal system which in turn should reduce the amount defendants, or their insurers, have to pay in legal fees.

The change will make no difference to the amount of compensation victims will receive for genuine claims and is part of a package of reforms to reduce the high cost of insurance premiums. Other parts of the package include changing 'no win, no fee' deals so lawyers can no longer double their fees if they win at the expense of defendants and their insurers; a ban on referral fees paid between lawyers, insurers, claims firms, garages and others for profitable claims; claims firms banned from offering upfront cash incentives or gifts to people who bring them claims; 'recommend a friend' deals are also banned as are contracts agreed only over the phone; and the fees lawyers charged insurers for processing basic, uncontested claims for compensation for minor injuries suffered in road accidents reduce by more than half - from £1,200 to £500. CLICK HERE for more information.