September 12 2013.

VE (UK) is promoting LeoVince's two most popular 50/70cc automatic scooter performance exhaust systems, the "TT" and the "ZX-R".

LeoVince ZX-R
The ZX-R exhaust sets a new frontier in high performance scooter exhaust systems, blending performance, design, and aesthetics in a package that simply exudes quality and style. The muffler design features a stainless steel body wrapped in quality carbon fibre and a new enlarged exit pipe. The main chamber of the exhaust is produced from high grade steel with an open double chamber structure, with sound deadening material covering the internal surfaces of the chamber.

Although the exhaust's design features all point towards the fast pace of the racing circuit, it is fully homologated to allow the use of the system on the public highways. To complete the LeoVince ZX-R package, the system is supplied with a set of rollers and clutch springs, allowing the user to get the most out of the exhaust straight from the box.

LeoVince TT
The LeoVince TT range manages to combine high performance, quality design at competitive price levels. The CE marked system features an expansion chamber made of 10/10 mm steel with an "open" double chamber structure, combined with a rounded shaped silencer made of stainless steel and skinned with a polished alloy. The exhaust also comes with a set of springs and rollers to boost the variator performance according to the particular features of the exhaust and engine for which it has been developed.

To order or view the complete range of LeoVince products available from VE (UK) visit: www.ve-trade.com (registration required).

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