September 16 2013.

Suspension specialist K-Tech has introduced a range of specialist front fork tools for working on popular models of front forks.

Front Fork Top Cap Spanner and Compression Valve Tools for WP 4860 Closed Cartridge Forks (Pictured above). ssrp £22.00 

Front Fork Top Cap Pin Spanner suitable for WP 4860 Open Cartridge Forks (Early SX / EXC) WP 4CS Forks and Ohlins R&T Forks. ssrp £18.00

Front Fork Compression Valve Tool. KYB/Showa 36mm Octangonal (Steel). ssrp £18.00 

Front Fork Compression Valve Tool KYB/Showa 36mm Octagonal (Aluminium). ssrp £18.00

Front Fork Damper Tube Holding Tool. Fits 3/8 drive socket extension bar. ssrp £18.00

Front Fork Cartridge Holding Tool Double Ended. (For holding cartridges while removing bottom securing bolt). ssrp £35.99

Front Fork Spring Changing Tools Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) 41mm & 43mm. ssrp £75.00

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