September 19 2013.

Thanks to its highly grooved tread, the new Michelin City Grip Winter makes winter riding safer, providing users with added reassurance. Whatever the road surface - dry and cold, wet or snow covered - the Michelin City Grip Winter delivers the right technological solution.

The tread is comprised of a large number of grooves that help to evacuate water from the centre of the tyre outwards.

The sipes in the tread act like claws that grip the snow. This combination of technologies deliver better grip, especially on wet and snow-covered surfaces.

Michelin has also developed a thermoactive rubber compound that is capable of remaining flexible even at low temperatures. Together, these technologies enable the Michelin City Grip Winter to work as soon as the ride begins.

The Michelin City Grip Winter range offers the same handling and precision steering as the Michelin City Grip range. It also provides riders with comfort, which is important for people who use their scooter to get around every day.

The new Michelin City Grip Winter is available in the most popular scooter sizes so as to cover the widest possible range of needs. The tyres range from 10 to 14 inches, thereby adapting to both small city scooters and GT touring scooters: