September 20 2013.

The BMF Tailend successfully took place on the weekend of 14-15th September despite poor weather, according to the show's organiser, The Mulberry Group.

"Despite the dismal Friday evening weather plus Sunday's rain and wind, the show atmosphere was not dampened. The Vertical Trix World Stunt competition ran, the bands on the main stage were all brilliant, and on Saturday evening Alvin Stardust had the place packed," said Mulberry's Martin Chick.

The Tailend show welcomed Dave Hailwood with the Honda RC 181 on which his feather Mike won the world championship in 1965, 1966 and 1967. Meanwhile, the show was the end point for Paul Newman, who had undertaken a 4,000 mile trip, raising money for the National Autistic Society.

The dates for 2014's BMF Shows are: BMF May Show, 16-18th May; BMF Kelso Bikefest, 4-6th July; and BMF Tailend, 12-14th September. To book trade space, contact The Mulberry Group on 01869 277077.

Pictured: Alvin Stardust was a big hit at the BMF Tailend.