September 20 2013.

The UK importer of Petronas motorcycle oils, Feridax, has added a new range of lubricants to its collection. Petronas Syntium Moto oils have been developed in Formula One, reports Feridax, in collaboration with team principal Ross Brawn and driver Nico Rosberg.

To gain understanding of these new products, the Feridax sales team recently attended a presentation at the Mercedes F1 AMG headquarters at Brackley, delivered by a senior Petronas management team that included UK sales manager Simon Schuk, global engine oils development manager Andy Ogley and technical manager David Aldous.

The Syntium Moto range includes Moto 4SP, fully-synthetic four-stroke oil; Moto 4SX, synthetic blend four-stroke oil; Moto 2S, scooter-focussed synthetic two-stroke oil; Moto 2SP fully-synthetic two-stroke oil; and Moto 2SX, synthetic blend two-stroke oil. Feridax is currently offering 25 per cent discount to its Petronas stockists, plus an additional five per cent off the first order of 60l or more. 

Pictured: The Feridax sales team attended a comprehensive Petronas presentation at the Mercedes F1 AMG HQ, Brackley.