October 3 2013.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) chief executive Steve Kenward has overseen the organisation during an exceptionally difficult five years for the bike industry.

He took over the reins at what was in many respects an incredibly unlucky moment - in 2008, on the brink of the global economic crisis, and at a point where motorcycle registrations started to fall.

The MCIA's narrative is that the bike market is not on a downward spiral but in a period of transformation. But can this really be a rejuvenating transformation that ultimately leads back to growth? Isn't it more realistic to hope that the decrease in registrations has now hit a plateau - in other words, that it's time to adjust to the new reality of fewer people buying new machines?

In an exclusive interview with Motorcycle Trader's David Bradford, Kenward gives his take on the decline in new machine sales and explains why he is optimistic for the market's future.

To read more turn to pages 28 to 31 of the October issue of Motorcycle Trader.