October 11 2013.

Oxford Products has already clearly signalled its intent to up its product development game with the introduction of two new buyers, two new product engineers and, most recently, two new graphic designers. Now the company has taken the significant step of purchasing a 3D printing suite, which provides 3D modelling and rapid prototyping at the click of a mouse and the press of a button.

The company’s product engineer and CAD designer, Mark Eaton, explains the pertinence of this investment: “Having CAD capability enables us to design better products, better looking, better functioning, better in every way. However, our new 3D printer guarantees that we can actually deliver those designs and deliver them quickly. If we design a new product or component today, we can print it off and test it tomorrow. The day after, our factory can be making the moulds and production can follow shortly after. Product development time is dramatically reduced and the end result far more ambitious.”

Oxford’s 3D printing suite will also be available for other, non-competing companies to use at extremely competitive rates. As Mark explains, “We don’t need to make commercial margins when providing this service, just contribute to the running costs of the technology”. Companies interested in working with Oxford should contact info@oxford3Dprinting.com for further information.

In the meantime, Oxford is pressing ahead with several innovative and exciting product design projects, which dealers visiting the company’s rapidly expanding head office during October and November will have the opportunity to see first hand.

To contact Oxford, call 01993 862 300 or email info@oxprod.com Website: www.oxprod.com