October 11 2013.

The all-new Spada website offers a wealth of features that in turn offer consumers a wealth of opportunities to learn about, select and even order from the great range of Spada Clothing.

The new ‘Click & Collect’ feature makes that retailing process even easier for preferred dealers who can harness the power of online retail for free and boost their sales as a result. Better still, figures show that 38% of customers who collect their online purchases from their local store then make a further in-store purchase.

Online sales now account for more than 12% of all retail shopping and are projected to rise to in excess of 23% by the end of 2018, whilst the number of businesses selling online per se increased by 29% between 2010 and 2012 alone.

The ‘Click & Collect’ function is therefore a great example of Spada Clothing’s on-going commitment to adding real value to its dealer network, all of whom will be included on the ‘Dealer Locator’ which powers ‘Click & Collect’ on the Spada website. 

Five steps to boosting sales through ‘Click & Collect’:

1. A potential customer creates a ‘Favourites List’ of products on the Spada website

2. The customer then emails that list to their local dealer via the ‘Dealer Locator’ function

3. Dealers should check stock (re-ordering from Feridax if necessary) and then arrange a collection date for that customer

4. The customer then visits their dealer store and collects the Spada merchandise – Simple!

5. As a dealer all you have to do is regularly check your emails and ensure that any mail headed ‘enquiry from' is not being perceived as Spam and ‘junked’

Carl of Top Gear Superstore made a £400 sale on Spada gear without lifting a finger, with ‘Click & Collect’ bringing the order directly to his desktop.

Carl summed up 'Click and Collect' as a “Fantastic idea. Well pleased with it… didn’t have to do anything for the sale. It’s perfect and idiot-proof too!”

The entire Spada range is designed in Britain and offers the ultimate choice for bikers with more sense than money, take a look for yourself, at

For dealer opportunities contact the Feridax sales team on 01384 410184 or email or talk to your Feridax Account Manager.