October 14 2013.

A survey from Varonis Systems reckons that nearly 30 per cent of employees are using personal cloud services to store work-related documents and five per cent of respondents also admitted to uploading confidential data to their personal cloud accounts.

More than 120 companies were surveyed to uncover how much confidential information is being leaked beyond corporate walls.

The company suggests that non-disclosure agreements should be part of a comprehensive IP protection program that also includes employee training along with the implementation of proper access and security controls for sensitive, non-public data.

Another suggestion to reduce IP leakage is to ask employees during an exit interview to return or delete any data that belongs to the organisation. Results from the survey indicated that only 46 per cent of respondents were asked to return digital content when leaving their last position.

In addition to the best practices listed in the report, organisations can further protect themselves against sensitive data leakage by blocking public cloud services and offering a sanctioned alternative to public cloud-based lockers that offer the same user experience while keeping data under the organisation's control.

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