October 22 2013.

R&G is helping to protect the equipment and motorbikes used by the life-saving Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance and SERV (Kent) Blood Bikes charities.

The world leader in motorcycle damage protection products has supplied 30 of its Deluxe Helmet Bags to the Air Ambulance crew and an array of its core protection products for the fleet of bikes used by SERV (Service of Emergency Rider Volunteers).

The Air Ambulance, serving the tri-county area of Surrey, Sussex and Kent, is one of few in the UK that carries a stock of blood. It provides a 24-hour service by helicopter and fast response vehicle in preparation for a full night flying service.

Equipping the twin-engine MD902 Explorer helicopter for night use has been a costly exercise for the charity. Among the items needed for this 24-hour, life-saving service has been the purchase of 30 new helmets at £1,450 each to fit a changing crew on shift rotations. The helmets, with provision for the night vision goggles (NVGs), have to be stored protected when not in use.

R&G was already talking to the SERV (Kent) about protecting its Yamaha FJR1300s and Suzuki Hayabusas with its award-winning Aero Crash Protectors, Radiator Guards and Shocktube ® when it was informed that matching protective bags for the helmets would cost the charity £2,700. On hearing this, the Hampshire-based company stepped in with the offer of supplying its Deluxe Helmet Bag (£20.49) at no charge.

Air Ambulance Clinical Manager Gary Wareham said: “We are very grateful for this fantastic donation. Our night operations project has resulted in an investment of nearly £20,000 in helmets compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and these bags will ensure that our entire helmet stock will be protected while in storage and when being transported between our bases.”

R&G UK Sales Manager, Alan Garrett, said: “R&G is a big supporter of the work of the Air Ambulance and the SERV Blood Bikes volunteers. These services save lives and, for us motorcyclists, you never know when you might need them. We wanted to protect the SERV Blood Bikes and, after hearing about the Air Ambulance helmet bag situation, it was an easy decision to help them out.”