October 28 2013.

The country's oldest motor club, catering for both bikes and cars, is seeking a permanent sponsorship deal for their three annual long-distance classic trials, which have been held each year since the first decade of the last century. Still retaining their original character, they are the only events of their type in the country. All ages of vehicle are catered for in the appropriate class, but the course remains much as it was in classic days, so today's competitors can see how present machinery compares with their father's.

When the Motor Cycling Club Ltd (MCC) was founded in 1901 by a small bunch of motorcyclists, the first major event was the London to Edinburgh Trial, followed a few years later by the similar Lands End and Exeter Trials, by which time cars were also admitted and soon outnumbered bikes by about two to one, where the membership of about 800 remains today.

The trials are true long-distance events, involving several hundred competitors on two, three and four wheels over several hundred miles of difficult roads and steep hills, occupying a full night and day, just as the originals did.

Each event is regularly followed by several thousand spectators along the route, but - sadly - there are few places where admission can be charged.

A sponsor would not only gain worthwhile publicity, but would show his interest in preserving classic values, by helping to keep these historic events running at a price enthusiasts can afford in this world of ever-increasing prices.

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John Aley
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