November 2 2013.

Helite may be a new name in the Dirt Bike world, but the company’s inflatable safety vest has a successful history in preventing injury to equestrian riders, with a technology that started in the high-flying world of microlight pilot safety.

Back in 2001 French microlight pioneer Gerard Thevenot developed a super-fast inflation technology to protect pilots from injury in the event of a crash. He then developed the technology into a wearable vest, primarily for the equestrian rider market, to protect riders from the common neck, shoulder and back injuries suffered in a fall from a horse. By 2008 Helite was selling some 12,000 vests a year into the European equestrian market. From there the technology has developed into jet-ski, ski, snowmobile and road motorcycle markets and more recently into speedway and now off-road motorcycling.

Basically the Helite motorcycle vest is worn under a shirt or over a jacket and is attached by a lanyard to the machine. In the event of a crash and the rider falling from the machine, the lanyard triggers a replaceable CO2 cartridge that inflates the vest in just one tenth of a second, which protects the neck, back, shoulder and front ribcage areas of the body in the following return to earth.

Effectively the Helite motorcycle vest is an all-in-one neck brace and body armour product that can be bought either as a stand-alone product for around the £430 mark, or integrated within a growing range of fashion and motorcycle jackets.

For further information visit www.helite.com or call: 011132 843497.

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