November 22 2013.

Armitt Leisure, the importer of the Portuguese brand AJP, (“the toughest little trail bikes around”), today announced a new stocking plan to allow dealers to get bikes on the showroom floor for minimal financial exposure.

Traders can now effectively choose to “rent” from a selection of AJP display bikes to fill up their showrooms, with no ongoing obligation to purchase. Dealers buy one bike outright at “demo” rates (a substantial discount of 25% on list RRP). The shop then undertakes to pay £75 per month (per bike), payable two months in advance. In return, they get the bikes to display, with the rental offset against the future sales price, so as not to affect valuable margins. The offer is limited to three bikes per dealership and the bikes are display only models. Demonstrators are available at a further discount under more traditional arrangements.

At the end of the two months “rental”, dealers will have the option to extend for a further two months, or simply terminate the arrangement with no further obligation.

Allan Seedhouse, MD of Armitt Leisure said: “This move should allow more dealers to explore the brand at minimum risk. Plus it gets more bikes on more showroom floors, exposing the brand to a wider audience. There’s no obligation to stock our bikes beyond the initial period and our dealers even get their rental back against future sales. It’s a win/win!”

AJP is happy to answer dealer enquiries, especially from the M4 Corridor!

Armitt Leisure Supplies
Tel: 01928 575 926