November 7 2013.

MT-Alert - It's absolutely free, no subscriptions or costly apps and it's available now with the new MT BLADE helmet.

MT Helmets' revolutionary MT Alert system can help save lives. In the event of an accident or emergency, MT Alert allows a rider to send an SMS message, including GPS location, to multiple nominated recipients via Smartphone – without the need to remove the helmet or for voice activation.

MT-Alert System is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) NearVox platform. The MT Helmet has a designated area on the chin bar where a 10-second proximity of an enabled Smartphone will automatically establish communication. Why 10 seconds? So it can be turned off if unintentionally activated.

Once the Smartphone and helmet have been brought together for the first time, the NearVox software is installed permanently, phone and helmet are linked from then on. This can also be done manually from the Smartphone's menu.

For retailers there's nothing better than a Unique Selling Point to help shift a product and if that USP is also an active safety feature, plus it doesn't cost the customer any extra, it's got to be a triple whammy from MT Helmets!

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