November 6 2013.

The recession might have bitten hard for most in the motorcycle market, but there’s one sector that has not merely survived unscathed but has continued to grow at a startling rate: classic.

Old bikes are attracting more interest than ever, and proof of this heightened appetite for all things moto-historical is provided in spades at classic shows and auto-jumbles. Over the past 12 years, the Mortons Media-owned Classic Bike Shows portfolio has increased from just one exhibition, the Stafford show, to 15 across the country. The man who has overseen this rapid growth is Mortons’ exhibition manager Nick Mowbray, and David Bradford interviews him for Motorcycle Trader.

“I originally started [in 2001] with Stafford and the Bristol [shows],” says Mowbray. “We’ve progressed from there. The Stafford show has nearly doubled in size, to capacity.”

Indeed, Stafford is now the biggest classic bike show in Britain, having grown from humble roots. “When we originally started there were only about 10 stands outside. Now the whole show holds about 700-800 stands.”

So confident has Mortons become in its ability to run successful shows that it no longer restricts itself to classic events. In October 2012, the company took control of the International Dirt Bike Show, the biggest show of its kind in Europe. But, for now ….

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