December 2 2013.

CIMAmotor 2013 is reviewed in the current December issue of Motorcycle Trader. Amongst the many exhibits at the show was a futuristic concept bike showcased by Chinese design company, X-idea Design Group.

According to China Motorcycle News, an all-too-common misconception is that only foreign big brands produce concept bikes, but it is not true and the X Ray attracted a great deal of interest.

Zhao Qiuchen, product planning specialist of X-idea,; “The X Ray embodies Triphibian Concept. The objective of this model is to explore fresh applications of new energy and provide riders with a different recreational experience and superb convenience. X Ray features the driving pleasure of a two-wheel vehicle and stability of four in different scenarios by special module design. Riders can perceive the convenience and pleasure brought by the unification of vehicle and human being thanks to the auto-adjusting seat. In terms of exterior design, X Ray mimics sea creature Mobula with diving and leaping language in fusion with modern elements, demonstrating the future trend of vehicles in the field of technologies.”

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