December 4 2013.

In the current December issue of Motorcycle Trader's Business Journal, Brian Collet summarises the case in favour of UK exit from the EU – including freedom from regulations, greater control over legislation and opportunities to trade more widely

Prime Minister David Cameron’s stance on Europe is that Britain should negotiate more favourable terms and retain EU membership, while his deputy Nick Clegg regards leaving as “economic suicide”.

The imposition of regulations is arguably the biggest complaint of British businesses against Brussels. Even the people who recommend renegotiation of Britain’s membership rather than an exit feel frustrated. “Dealing with the regulations is time-wasting and hinders business,” said Dylan Sharpe, campaign director of Business for Britain, an independent group that wants a better relationship with the EU to achieve a more flexible, competitive Europe.

The opportunity to remove many business regulations certainly receives a warm welcome from organisations crusading for Britain’s withdrawal, but what do you think? Do you have a view on this subject? If so, please let us know by emailing your opinion to