December 17 2013.

Trade parts specialist WMD, the sole UK distributor of BC battery controllers from Italy, has introduced the BT02 and BC Pro 4 S models, which are designed specifically for workshops and professional use.

All BC battery charges and testers are designed, developed and produced in Italy at the BC Battery Controller factory.

BC has a well-deserved reputation for its significant developments in charging technology and for working closely with many top motorcycle companies such as MV Agusta and Ducati.

The highly experienced and creative BC research and development team is dedicated to providing the best technical solutions for recovering, charging, desulfating, maintaining and analysing all 6, 12 and 24 Volt lead-acid wet-cell, gel-type and sealed batteries.

Designed specifically with a workshop in mind, the BT02 and BC Pro 4 S controllers use the latest technology for the fast initialization of new batteries and the recovery of used batteries.

The sophisticated BC research and development process, allied to the use of the highest quality components, allows BC’s professional battery chargers to provide optimum performance whilst still offering a reasonable price tag.

All BC Battery Controller products come with a full three year warranty.

BC BT02- Battery Charger and Alternator Tester Main features:

- An easy to use professional tester that is suitable for all 6 and 12V batteries from 40 to 2000 CCA (SAE), as well as for 12 and 24V cranking/charging electrical systems.

- A fast testing system that provides reliable results in a just a few seconds via an LCD display giving the recommended action.

- Suitable to analyse deeply discharged batteries with a voltmeter range of 1.5V to 30V.

- Possibility to select all the main industry international standards for batteries: SAE, DIN, EN, IEC or JIS.

- Patented single load dynamic resistance technology which minimizes the battery drain during the duration of the test.

- A protective rubber shell with high shock resistance and an ABS case for storing and transporting the controller.

Price: £114.99 excluding VAT.

BC Pro 4 S- 4 Bank Battery Charger and Tester Main Features:

- Four independent charging units (2 amps each) controlled by a latest-generation microprocessor with LCD display and two LED bars. Suitable for the initialization of new batteries, the recovery of deeply discharged batteries and the recharge of used batteries.

- An innovative eight-cycles charging algorithm including a battery recovery mode designed to charge a battery voltage as low as 1.25V.

- TURBO mode for fast charging.

- A fully automatic ‘connect and forget’ system requiring no selection of the battery type or the charging power.

- One multipurpose charging unit for both lead-acid and lithium batteries with a seven step charging system which includes a POLAR mode for safe charging in low ambient temperatures.

- Battery test (state of charge and cranking power) + alternator/regulator test + digital voltmeter.

- Clear indication of the time-to-end for desulfation for better time management and planning within the workshop.

- A serial port to connect to a professional thermal printer with the option of printing out test results on a customizable receipt so that a company logo can be added.

Price: £229.00 excluding VAT.

The full BC range of professional and retail customer battery chargers and controllers is available from WMD with next day delivery as standard.

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