December 18 2013.

VE (UK), the Malossi Spa, Factory Appointed Sole UK Distributor for Malossi performance products, was the main event sponsor for the first ever Malossi Piaggio Ape World Championship held at Rye House Raceway, Hertfordshire, over a total of four hotly contested rounds.

With all of the Piaggio Ape’ machines fitted with exactly the same Malossi 102cc cylinder kit, 19mm reed valve carb kit, and Power Exhaust, the racing was close, as is to be expected of a one make series, and with the races being of a two-hour endurance format, consistency, reliability and driver prowess were the key factors.

Over and above the performance parts supplied from Malossi, VE (UK) also made available its full range of replacement parts, including clutches, crankshafts, cylinder spares, bearings and tools.

Over the four races, machine reliability was excellent, with the only problems being clutch cables and tyres, which in itself is a testament to the quality of the performance products manufactured by Malossi, which were chosen especially for the race series to power the Ape and promote the format of low cost, affordable motorsport.

The final results were very close, with drivers Greg Owens and Max Wakefield of Team Piaggio just pipping the Ape Bee team to the championship win by a single point. 

VE has been appointed as the main sponsor for the 2014 season. 

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