January 10 2014.

Bridgestone is gearing up for what promises to be its busiest year on two wheels in 2014, after unveiling a quartet of exclusive premium bike tyres.

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer is building on its impressive portfolio of bike products, which are already firmly established as industry leading in the sport, touring, adventure and race sectors.

The new tyres, some of which will be available to purchase as early as February, are:

1. The BATTLAX V02 slick racing tyre. This tyre, created for race-use only, represents the flagship of the series and features various refinements, including improved grip consistency and wear durability. The RACING BATTLAX V02 incorporates new GP-Belt construction, a first for consumer tires, and also uses a new compound to improve both grip and wear durability to help strengthen circuit racing performance.

2. The BATTLAX SC ECOPIA. Bridgestone has added the Ecopia low-rolling-resistance tyre to the Battlax SC line-up for maxi scooters, which represents a fuel saving solution to supplement Bridgestone’s existing offering. The new Battlax SC Ecopia provides a maintained high-level handling, stability; wear life and comfort as the standard Battlax SC, but with the advantage of greater fuel efficiency due to improvements in rolling resistance of 15 per cent. It uses Nano Pro-Tech to reduce rolling resistance without compromising other performance aspects.

3. The BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S20 EVO. (pictured above) This ultimate high performance product incorporates Moto GP technology, focusing on sport and ride performance, as well as solid handling performance and wear durability. The BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S20 EVO tyre targets a wide range of applications, including circuit sport riding, and represents a hotly anticipated addition to the hugely successful BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S20.

4. The BATTLECROSS X30/X40. Bridgestone has spent months developing the ‘Battlecross’ for serious motocross racers, to signal the brand’s return to the sport following a five year absence. The tyre has already been endorsed by seven-time Dakar Rally competitor Mick Extance and the brand is already encouraged by its performance after vigorous testing. Bridgestone has become more and more immersed in the motocross world having decided to sponsor Rob Yates in 2013, one of the country’s most talented youngsters. The Battlecross tyres will be available in May 2014.

Product manager Gary Hartshorne said: “The next 12 months promise to be extremely exciting for us all at Bridgestone, as we reinforce our presence with these four new products.

“The scooter market represents a big area of opportunity and with the new BATTLAX SC Ecopia, riders of maxi scooters can save fuel but still have total confidence and enjoy the ride.

“Meanwhile, we have seen first-hand how popular motocross is and the potential in the sport as a whole, so we are delighted to be unveiling the BATTLECROSS X30/X40.

“There are up to 75,000 motocross tyre sales in the UK alone per year and we have long felt that a high performance tyre – which is competitively priced - will be a compelling option for motocross riders of all abilities.”

In terms of availability, all tyres will be available through Bridgestone trade distributors.

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