January 14 2014.

All riders concerned about being properly seen when riding at night or in low light conditions are now in luck. Kappa has developed a practical tank bag with reflective neon yellow inserts which greatly increases the visibility of the bike in all conditions.

For the new season, Kappa bets firmly on reflective and high visibility accessories, developing a whole new range of functional articles that increase active safety of the rider at highly competitive prices.

The RA311, which is integrated into the Racer family of Kappa bags, is expandable, by means of an additional zipper, reaching a capacity of 16 litres in which a great variety of articles can be stored: from basic tools to electronic devices, sunglasses or documentation. The bag also has a smartphone holder pocket with a screen that doesn’t interfere with touch control: especially useful for the GPS functions on these devices.

This innovative Kappa  Tanklock ultra-fast locking system fixes the bag to the bike in a simple, fast and safe way, while having huge advantages over other systems. It consists of a small metal ring which is fixed to the base of the bag, and another one that is fixed to the tank base by three screws. Placing the bag is as simple as pressing until you hear a click. For removing it, one has to operate the lever located at the base of it. The tanklock system allows 5 adjustment positions to place the bag forward or backward depending on the type of bike and riding style, ensuring maximum comfort for the rider.

The RA311 tank bag has two large pockets to separate tools from the main compartment. For easier transportation, it is equipped with a handle and a shoulder strap. In addition to this, it features a raincover made in reflective fabric with transparent screen which allows using the RA311 in all weather conditions, even under rain or snow.

For more information about this product or any other accessories visit www.kappamoto.com or call 01327 706980.