January 20 2014.

Everyone who buys a new or used motorcycle, scooter or quad now has easier access to the peace of mind provided by the Datatool TrakKING GPS/GSM tracking system.

With a recommended retail price realignment to just £179.00 plus installation, the Datatool TrakKING system is now the most cost-effective tracking system on the market. Datatool TrakKING constantly monitors a bike for unauthorised movement, alerting  the owner initially by (optional) SMS text message and then alerting the 24/7/365 TrakKING staffed call centre who will contact the owner to advise that a potential theft is in progress.

The annual subscription, now reduced to just £99.00 per year, includes an initial quantity of text alerts per month as well access to the highly trained staff at the TrakKING Secure Operating Centre, who will work directly with the Police to assist in recovering a vehicle should the worst happen. If the owner chooses the three year subscription option, they can be protecting their transport for as little as 26p per day.

Datatool TrakKING is approved by the Thatcham Research Centre, the UK insurance industry approvals body, which means owners should qualify for an insurance discount, (subject to insurers’ terms and conditions), for having the unit installed at a Datatool TrakKING authorised installer.

Datatool TrakKING is available to use on any motorcycle, quad or scooter fitted with a battery, whether road or off-road, yet has a virtually zero current draw so won’t drain the battery.

Datatool also recommends the use of visual physical security deterrents such as the Datatool Python lock and chain and a Datatool Fortress ground anchor for added home security, or the Datatool Croc Lock when on the move.

Datatool offers a generous dealer margin and a range of in-store point-of-sale signage.

For more information contact Dave Plummer on 07770 303676 or or visit or