February 4 2014.

The BC battery maintenance range continues to be a top seller from sole UK distributor WMD and is now available to purchase at an even better rate. Buy any mix of four of the following BC chargers: Lithium 1500, Bravo, Easy 6 and K900, and you will receive a fifth (lowest priced item) for free.

All BC chargers are designed and developed in Italy by battery maintenance specialist BC, whose reputation for significantly developing charging technology has made its range of battery controllers the choice of many leading motorcycle manufacturers.

BC’s chargers are fully automatic ‘connect and forget’ systems designed with ease of use in mind and perfect for a busy day in the workshop or garage.

WMD offer a free counter display unit for any orders of three or more chargers to help promote sales of the chargers to retail customers.

The BC chargers included in the offer are as follows:

BC Easy 6

• A fully automatic 12V six-cycle charger that charges and maintains any lead acid battery without the need for user input. Simply connect and forget!
• LED screen that allows you to see the charging stage in process
• Safeguarded against overheating and overcharging, and can be mounted to the wall for the more compact work space
Price:£20.48 excluding VAT

BC K900
• Ideal for the re-charge, long term maintenance, and recovery of all 6V and 12V lead/acid batteries
• Uses a latest generation microprocessor to initialize, recover, soft and bulk charge, de-sulfate, analyse, maintain and equalize batteries in an eight-cycle program
• Fully automatic ‘connect and forget’ system that can remain connected for months whilst keeping the battery balanced and protecting against reverse polarity, overcharging and overheating
• Includes a permanent waterproof eyelet connector , a CAN-BUS connector, cable with insulated clamps, a UK or European plug and a bracket for wall mounting
Price: £29.73 excluding VAT

BC Bravo
• A compact, eight-function unit that not only checks, recovers, charges and maintains lead acid batteries, but can test the battery charging system on any motorcycle or ATV
• Keeps batteries in top condition through a fully automated eight-cycle charging program, preventing them from overcharging
• Tests the charging system on the machine via an automatic ‘testing mode’ that works without connecting to the mains
• Comes with a two or three pin plug (for use in the UK or Europe) and both regular battery clamps and a waterproof eyelet connector
Price: £32.24 excluding VAT

BC Lithium 1500
• A sophisticated intelligent charger for all varieties of lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (12 V LiFePO4) batteries
• An advanced microprocessor that automatically delivers a seven-stage charging and maintenance program while keeping the cells balanced
• Recovers deeply discharged batteries and can maintain an optimum level of battery charge for months on end, without the danger of overheating or overcharging, and has an automatically activated ‘polar’ mode to ensure that it charges safely at low temperatures
• Comes with a set of battery clamps, and a water resistant eyelet cable which can be fixed to the terminals for a permanent charging point without the need to disconnect the battery from the machine
Price: £38.91 excluding VAT

All BC Battery Controller products come with a full three year warranty.

The Lithium 1500, Bravo, Easy 6 and K900 battery chargers and accompanying display unit are on offer while stocks last at WMD, with free UK shipping on orders over £100 and next day delivery as standard.

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