January 30 2014.

R&G’s protective Engine Case Covers have now been authorised for use in all racing classes at British Superbike (BSB) events and the leading damage protection product company has also become an Official Supplier to the series.

The endorsement from the chief technical officer on the case covers is a huge boost for the Alton-based Company which, in 2014, celebrates 15 years of creating innovative and world-leading motorcycle damage protection products. The news follows the American Motorcycling Association (AMA) granting the use of R&G Engine Case Covers from 2013 for use in any competition sanctioned by the organisation.

Secondary engine covers are a mandatory product at BSB, to help prevent oil contaminating the track from a crashed bike, potentially causing further incidents. R&G’s Engine Case Covers are crafted from polypropylene and bolt on top of the existing engine covers without requiring the draining of any bike fluids or specialist tools to fit. Though their primary job is to act as a strong and hard-wearing shield, the covers are also ultra-lightweight and offer the maximum ground clearance of any similar product on the market.

The technical approval, along with becoming an ‘official supplier’ to the British Superbike series, means that racers and teams running in championships under its banner can now enjoy the security of using a product that has already been heavily put to the test by many teams competing in race series across the world, including the World Endurance Championship and Australian Superbikes. But it’s not just professional race teams making use of the diverse, 150-fitment applications available; scores of road riders, trackday enthusiasts and training institutions, like California Superbike School (USA and UK) and Chris Walker Race School, also depend on this.

BSB Series Director, Stuart Higgs, said: “I’m extremely happy to welcome R&G as an official supplier to the British Superbike Championship. They’re a long-term supporter and protector of many teams and riders within the series and their involvement will be increased even further with the series’ chief technical officer approving their Engine Case Covers – a mandatory product to help keep the riders safe and circuits in the very best condition for exciting racing.”

R&G offers a diverse range to protect all areas for popular bikes, from its award-winning Aero and Classic Crash Protectors to Exhaust Protectors, Fork Protectors, Radiator Guards, Swingarm Protectors and the recently-introduced carbon Tank Sliders and Tail Sliders. R&G also produces mandatory products for racing, such as Toe Guards/Sharks Fins, and other key items, such as Aero Knee Sliders and “Elevation” Paddock Stands.