January 31 2014.

Interested in importing bikes from China? Don’t move a muscle until you have read Sean Kerr’s guide for the uninitiated in the January/February 2014 issue of Motorcycle Trader magazine.

With the Chinese motorcycle industry almost fully recovered and marching on new territories, Kerr presents his opinion on the best way to enter into business relationships with Chinese motorcycle companies. With more and more motorcycle industry types beginning to dabble in Chinese import, this guide is intended to offer some foresight.

Factory or trading company? There are thousands of motorcycle exports companies in China, some of which are trading companies that buy and sell on motorcycles. Some of these trading companies will give you the false impression that they are a factory and have websites that are indistinguishable from factory websites. Test these firms by asking to visit the factory before you go any further.

To find out more about trading with China, turn to pages 36-37 of the current issue of Motorcycle Trader.

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