February 12 2014.

Leading specialist broker Bikesure has launched an innovative new insurance scheme designed to allow riders to use their own or other owners’ machines for up to three months at a time.

With premiums starting from as low as £32, the new policy provides short-term cover for a wide range of bikes, from sports bikes to classics, custom builds to scooters and everything in between.

Rob Balls, of Bikesure, said the new scheme had resulted from analysis that showed a need among motorcyclists for a more flexible style of short-term insurance. “It’s an area that is poorly catered for in the market at the moment, and there are all sorts of reasons why people may need short period cover from a few days to a few months,” he explained. “For example, it might be friends or family visiting who want to borrow a bike, someone borrowing a friend’s bike while theirs is off the road, an extended test ride, road testing in the midst of a restoration, or maybe the rider may only want to get out and ride between June and August.

“We’re proud of our policy of always trying to offer cover, even where others decline, and this is just another example of our commitment to try to cater for as broad a spectrum of motorcyclists as possible.”

The minimum rider age is 21, and comprehensive (maximum value £10,000), third party, fire and theft (maximum value £7,000) or third party only cover is available.

Call the Bikesure Dealer line on 0844 880 3980 for further information and remember to quote MOTORCYCLE TRADER!