February 21 2014.

In an agreement concluded with Enduro/Off-Road event organiser Enduroland, today, US lubricant manufacturer Lucas Oil will become the title sponsor for all Enduroland events during the 2014 UK season.

Under the terms of the agreement, Lucas Oil will become the title sponsor for the Lucas Oil Series that will comprise four disciplines:

Lucas Oils Race XC 2014 (8 rounds)

Lucas Oils Beach Race XC 2014 (3 rounds)

Lucas Oils Timber X (3 rounds)

Lucas Oils Enduro Cross X Championship (3 rounds)

The first events organised by Northampton-based Enduroland commence next month.

A new national outdoor arena at Adstone, Northampton, is currently being built to stage the Enduro Cross X Championships. It will be known as the Lucas Oil Arena.

"The Lucas Oil brand is one of the biggest names in US Enduro and Motocross. There are teams, racing series and arenas across the US that are either sponsored by, or owned by Lucas Oil," says Les Downey, managing director of Lucas Oil Products (UK) Ltd. "We have a wide range of specialist oils, additives and workshop products designed for
and tested in various US Motocross environments. This agreement announces our commitment to the UK Enduro/ Off-Road racing scene."

Nigel Wheatley, director of operations at Enduroland says: "We are delighted to be able to confirm Lucas Oil as our partner and title sponsor. It will be a huge boost for both Enduroland and the sport as a whole. It will be a tremendous asset to have this brand associated with our new series and our new arena as we look forward to a successful season."

Lucas Oil Contact:
Les Downey: info@lucasoil.co.uk

Lucas Oil website: www.lucasoil.co.uk
Enduroland website: www.enduroland.co.uk