February 27 2014.

R&G Eazi-Grip™ Tank Traction Pad kits are an easy-to-fit and affordable product that has been designed to create more control and confidence between a rider and motorcycle, either on the road or race track, by reducing unintentional rider movement.

A progression from the Eazi-Grip™ product developed with top teams in the British Superbike Championship and made in the UK, the self-adhesive tank grips are covered in a unique textured finish that increases the rider’s grip with a machine; drastically reducing body movement when braking and cornering, to add more stability.

A reduction in unwanted rider movement also brings a decrease in energy used to ride and also an increase in ‘feel’ with the machine; often leading to creating confidence with how a bike is reacting in different circumstances.

Although Eazi-Grip™ Tank Traction Pads are manufactured from PVC, a material that is extremely hard-wearing and durable, the textured pattern is designed for maximum grip with minimum wear to rider clothing. Its high-strength adhesive backing ensures a highly durable product that will stay exactly where it is placed, as well as not affecting or damaging paintwork during removal or replacement.

Each Tank Traction Pad kit is supplied with precision pre-cut adhesive pieces, designed to fit the intended bike. Kits are currently offered for well over 100 different bike models, with new applications released almost weekly. R&G also offers a Universal Kit for bikes not currently provided for, or for bespoke tanks and project bikes.

All 2-grip kits are priced at £25.99 and are available in a clear finish, to blend into a bike’s paintwork or in black to stand out.

For more information visit www.rg-racing.com