March 7 2014.

Footballing legends Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage have announced that they will be going head to head in a Sport Relief Challenge like no other; The Battle of the Backsides.

The challenge will see the pair frantically race to be the first to sit on half the seats in the iconic Wembley Stadium - a brutal 45,000 seats each - and to protect their hips, thighs and most importantly backsides during this incredibly physically demanding feat, both will be wearing a pair of Forcefield Boom Shorts.

Starting on Monday 10th March the former soccer stars will have five days to complete this super sit off, and experts estimate that the duo will have to average a backside on a seat every four seconds – that’s 14 seats per minute - meaning they’re competing for a minimum of ten hours a day. The final whistle will be blown on Friday 14th March when either Robbie or Alan will be the first to reach the prestigious Royal Box.

45,000 repeats of the same movement will punish the pair’s quad and glute muscles and could lead to not only pain and stiff muscles but also a very real possibility of blisters and sores on their hips, bums and groin’s. This is why the Boom Shorts that have built in CE approved shock absorbing armour located at the thighs, hips and across the full seat all housed in a highly technical and breathable fabric were the perfect choice to protect the repeating rumps.