April 25 2014.

Trade parts specialist WMD has introduced a new fitment YSS rear twin shock absorber set for Honda’s best-selling PCX 125. Manufactured to reflect the same style as the OEM shocks, the YSS shock absorbers are an upgraded, yet great value product. Like the originals, the YSS shocks have offset lugs and come with chrome springs that fit right in with the scooter’s original features.

As part of the YSS ECO line, the emulsion gas twin shock absorbers come with threaded spring pre-load adjustment. Designed to carry a load of 90-110 kilos, they are noticeably stiffer than the OEM shocks and provide a greater level of feedback to the rider. Fitted with YSS shocks, the PCX 125 has a firmer, more controlled ride and improved handling.

All YSS shocks are heat treated and welded twice for extra strength. A brushed aluminium finish covers the ends of the PCX 125 shocks, and a shot-peening process accentuates their quality appearance.

The YSS ECO line shock absorbers for the PCX 125 are 310mm long between fitting points, have a 30mm piston and a 12mm shaft. Made to exact specifications, the shocks are easy to fit without any adjustment. The YSS ECO line rear twin shocks retail at £152.74 including VAT and come with fittings, adjustment tools and instructions.

YSS World Class Suspension is renowned for its wide range of quality shock absorbers and has been awarded ISO and ABE certification from Germany regulation authority TUV. YSS offers a complimentary two year warranty on all its products to guarantee customer satisfaction and assurance in its brand.

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